Self-Study English Literature (A 14-Book Beginner Plan)

When I first started self-studying English Literature, and classic literature in general, several years ago I was totally winging it.

I didn’t have a plan of attack to get a solid foundation in the subject.

I was basically just reading whatever stoked my interest and while that was fun, I think it slowed down my progress and left me doubting if I was actually spending my limited study time wisely.

To keep that from happening to you, I’ve created a beginner program for self-studying English Literature that should take you from novice to intermediate.

It includes 14 book recommendations across four categories that I wish I’d been reading as a beginner:

  • Books that teach you to read and analyze literature like a scholar.
  • Classic novels that are accessible to beginners.
  • Works of literary criticism that help you understand how literature works.
  • Anthologies to break into essays, short stories, and poetry.

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